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Devotional Prayers to St. Jude Thaddeus





St. Jude is the faithful servant of Jesus Christ and the brother of James the Less. The holy apostle bears the name "Thaddeus" which means "Loving" or "Amiable". Many people with faith have called on St. Jude for his intercession. He is invoked especially in cases of extreme need of serious illness, poverty or circumstances that seem hopeless. St. Jude has obtained succour for those with grave and varying problems, who have prayed to him. Hence, he is well known as the Patron Saint of Difficult Cases. Those who are in trouble should approach him with confidence. He is the helper and consoler of anyone with problem that seems insurmountable.

One of the ways of invoking St. Jude is through the nine days of successive prayers, known as Novena. You can participate in the novenas organized at St. Dominic's Yaba. All the information is available on our website. For your own private devotion, we have also included several prayers on our website. You can print them out, and pray them fervently with your family.

* Prayer to St. Jude Thaddeus


* Litany of St. Jude Thaddeus


* Prayer for a Happy Death


* Prayer of Thanksgiving


* Prayer for Vocations


* Prayer to St. Dominic


* Prayer after Holy Communion





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